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“Jim is a real pro. Knows his stuff. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing to downsize. My father moved to a assisted living community. Jim got my father’s house ready, sold it, had taken care of some moving details and stored the rest of the furnishings and personal property for us. He is the best, goes above and beyond in all areas.”

D. A. Hampton, NH

“Moved to retirement in Florida. Had heck of a time knowing what to do with all the house full of belongings. Jim sold house in three weeks, at a price we liked, and handled the hassle of dealing with getting rid 30 years of accumulated furniture, personal things, and junk. Easy doings, worth it.”

S.K., Tampa, FL

“What a help. Jim took care of the house and extra furniture. Made the calls, stayed at the house when the appraiser came. We were out of state so it was a big help. One stop shopping to sell the house and get a mover. I can’t say enough about Jim.”

E.M. Alton, NH